Raisins price California and golden  and black in 2018 per 1 kg and pounds and ton have been many changes compared to 2017.

raisins price

Iran’s raisin prices increased sharply in 2017 due to frosting of grape gardens. Iran faces these challenges due to environmental changes. The price of raisins reached $ 3 per kilogram in 2017. Although the dollar was down in Iran, the price rose sharply. Therefore, Iran’s raisins export decreased.

In 2018 everything turned upside down. The year 2018 is one of the best agricultural years in Iran.
The price of the best raisins does not exceed 2.5 times due to the increase in the dollar. For example, the price of golden raisin can be bought at $ 2. 5 per kilogram.


Best golden raisins in Iran for export

Best golden raisins in Iran for export What features does it have? The price of golden raisins for exports to Russia, Germany ,Armenia and Tajikistan

Best golden raisins

Best golden raisins

Gold raisins in Iran are important export items. The production of gold raisins in Iran is carried out in several important cities. These cities include Bonab and Malekan in East Azarbaijan province. The golden raisins that are good for exports to Germany, Austria, Spain, Russia, and Armenia and Tajikistan should be of the right size.

golden raisins

golden raisins

The best size for golden raisins is 10 to 12. Apart from the size of raisins, wood and aphids should not be present in raisins. Raisin packaging is also done according to your needs.
Packages in Iran are 5 and 10 kg. Raisins are cast in waterproof and thick plastic and placed inside the package. In this case, raisins will be kept from any moisture. The price of golden raisin also depends on the purchase price, raisin, and country of destination. Each country buys a raisin, so you need to stay in touch with us for the price.

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