there are strong raisins suppliers are active in South Africa, but the largest raisin producer in the world, the United States and Iran. Most of the raisins in Africa are sunny and golden raisins that come from Iran.


golden raisins south africa

The main suppliers golden raisins south africa

Almost 90 percent of golden raisins south africa by Iranian and American suppliers. Suppliers of Iranian raisins offer cheaper prices for African buyers, explaining the reasons. The address and telephone numbers of the major Iranian exporting factories are as follows.

iranian raisins

iranian raisins

Due to the growing natural needs of the world for natural foods, eating raisins and grapes is also on the rise. Grapes and raisins are as heavenly fruits in the heavenly books. This is due to the benefits of raisins and grapes. Raisins come from dried grapes. With the drying of grapes, its benefits are doubled.

iranian golden raisins

iranian golden raisins

Is it good to eat raisins?

The increasing number of diseases has led to the use of natural foods in countries such as Iran, South Africa, Europe, America … to cure the disease. Conscientious practitioners try to treat with natural products such as raisins, cinnamon, saffron, walnuts, almonds in the first place and use chemical drugs if left untreated.

Persian raisin

Sales specialist of Persian raisin

Why golden raisins are so popular in South Africa

If we knew what a miracle raisin would do, we would all make raisins a daily meal. Calories in raisins increase energy, and eating a small amount of raisins can take up to half a day. South Africa is a rich country but some African countries are poor. Eating raisins helps to stay healthy at the lowest cost. Yellow raisins are also popular with Africans, so buying golden raisins is more than brown raisins and black raisins. The price of golden raisins is also more affordable on the basis of tonnage.

iranian raisins suppliers

10 Important Benefits of Raisins

Properties of raisins are the same, but some raisins have more benefits. By consuming enough raisins daily, you can safeguard against many diseases, especially children with raisins can be taller.

  1. Blood lipid regulation
  2. Blood sugar regulation
  3. Bone strength
  4. Enhance eyesight
  5. Prevent cancer
  6. Digestive system improvement
  7. Improve digestion
  8. Improved gums
  9. Increased enamel strength
  10. Adjust vitamin D, C and A
raisins benefits

raisins benefits

We have several types of raisins

The raisins are divided into different types of grapes. Dried currant grapes produce currant raisins. The volume of eating raisin is different from the volume of golden raisins south africa exports. Black raisins are large in volume and eaten with tea and coffee and are not high in volume, but currants are widely used in industry because of their use. Raisins generally have the following subdivisions.

  • Currant brown raisins
  • Golden currant raisins
  • Nuclear black raisins
  • Black raisins without kernels
  • Sultana Raisin
  • green raisin

type of raisin

what is golden raisins

Golden raisins are a grape blend that has an extremely good taste. Golden raisins are neither sweet nor sour, which is why they are great for cake and biscuit use. You can use raisins indirectly by using golden raisins in the cake industry. This is a good way to eat kids who go to school or club. This method is also good for golden raisins south africa. Some parts of the African continent have indigestion, so eating a few raisins a day can keep our children healthy at a cheaper price.

supplier golden raisins

supplier golden raisins

Raisin is better or grapes?

Many food experts believe that raisins are better than grapes, but grapes are more accessible than raisins. Dried grapes can be stored in a relatively cool place and consumed throughout the year, but long-term storage is not possible or expensive, so buying raisins is better than grapes.

Why is Iranian Golden Raisin Better?

Raisins and grapes are the main crops in Iran. On the other hand, many cities in Iran have large vineyards, so Iran is the largest exporter of raisins. Among the varieties of raisins is the golden raisin. The quality of Iranian currant is good and prone to yellow. When raisins go into the sulfur phase, the raisin shell is damaged, so it must have a high quality grape to make it a good raisin.

best quality raisins

best quality raisins

suppliers golden raisins south africa

Raisins are high in the world, but golden raisins are low. Iran and the United States are the two countries that export golden raisins. More than 90 percent of South Africa’s golden raisins are supplied by Iranian and American suppliers and some by Turkish suppliers. It should be noted, of course, that we mean wholesale of golden raisins. Golden raisins wholesale also have separate rules.



Raisin prices in South Africa

Raisin prices in South Africa 2018

Raisin prices in South Africa 2018 What is the difference between raisin prices in Europe? Is Iran buying ؟raisins in Africa different from Europe.

Raisin prices in South Africa

Iran’s raisin price varies anywhere in the world. The value of each country’s currency is affected by the price of the goods it sells. For example, the value of the euro is higher than the value of South Africa, so the price of raisins by South Africa is more expensive than Europe.

Exports of raisins to the rest of the world are made by the dollar and the euro, and sometimes by the pound. The price of raisins in South Africa depends on the value of their money against the dollar or the euro.
If this ratio is lower, the price will be cheaper. We strive to export the raisins to South Africa at the best price, so stay tuned to us.

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