raisins wholesale price depending on bulk or different packaging. Prices of golden raisins and Sun maid raisins for big Companies for example amazon and alibaba will be cheaper.


golden raisins wholesale

bulk dried golden raisins wholesale

Dried golden raisins wholesale is done in bulk in pure 10kg packages. The wholesale price of Golden raisin Grade 1 and excellent is listed below.

Golden raisins have a special definition. Once dried with a handy chemical, we must put it in a room for 24 hours. Inside the room is a container containing sulfur. We burn sulfur to smoke. Sulfur dioxide smoke is called sulfur dioxide. The raisins are placed in a smoke-filled room for 24 hours to turn yellow.

Bulk raisins wholesale

Bulk raisins wholesale on Arian website

Packaging golden raisins

Raisins are sold both in bulk and in packaging. Raisins are sweet grains that the packaging method is very important to protect. If you put the best raisins in bad packaging, be sure that the raisins are damaged. The best packaging for exporting raisins is 10kg.

packag raisins

What is Organic Golden Raisin?

Organic raisins have a special flavor. The process of producing real organic raisins takes 5 years. That is, a grape orchard should be free of toxins and chemicals for 5 years, and after 5 years produce grapes in raisins naturally. Organic golden raisins are very expensive and fewer go for the produce. Organic raisins are brown, but golden raisins are yellow. Not all brown raisins can be organic. The price of organic golden raisins is 5 times that of ordinary golden raisins. Golden raisins wholesale ordinary is more than organic golden raisin. It is worth mentioning Raisins turn sunshine into yellow and sell as organic raisins, while real raisins are not organic.

wholesale raisins

Wholesale vineyard export arian raisins

Different grades of golden raisins

Raisin grading is very important in determining the price. We need to know what is top-notch or excellent raisins to buy. for Buying raisins is not only the price but the quality of the raisins. Raisins are an important nutrient used in the food industry. Because of the importance of raisins, we must make a purchase so that they do not spoil within a month, and this depends on the quality of the raisins.

Big stores like Amazon or Alibaba use high quality food, so selling bulk dried raisins to them is different from industrial factories. Cake and confectionery factories, usually use top-notch golden raisins. This is not entirely true because there are factories that use high grade Golden Raisins in their products. We need to evaluate the customer’s needs so that we can provide the best customer service.

bulk golden raisins

Wholesale bulk golden raisins mark Arian

Bulk golden raisins wholesale

Iran is the largest exporter of golden raisins. Wholesale of raisins in the country is done in large quantities. Golden raisins suppliers are located in Malakan, Bonab and Malayer. Kashmar is also one of the major cities in Iran with a large golden raisin. Kashmiri golden raisin length is 1.8 to 2 cm. Kashmari big golden raisin is not good for factories because of its large size, but golden raisin seedless is a better raisins for factory. Small raisins can be used in many places, but large size raisins are good for stores only.

Bulk raisins wholesale

Bulk raisins wholesale on Arian website

Raisins wholesale price

Don’t rely on lists for a while to figure out the wholesale price of raisins because wholesale prices are a very important item. The major price depends on many variables. Tonnage of raisins, raisin quality, raisin type and raisin packaging. Any of the variables we mentioned can have an effect on raising or lowering the price. The best way to find out the wholesale price of Golden Raisins is to contact the supplier and negotiate. Many prices go up and down with negotiation.


bulk golden raisins

Wholesale bulk golden raisins mark Arian

See wholesale bulk golden raisins california mark Arian with 5 and 10kg Boxes on the Arian Raisin website. There are different types of packaging and different grades of golden raisins on this site.

We see millions of advertisements about raisins or raisins on the internet. They’re all looking for sales. How much does raisins benefit or there is so much food at stake, so what is so much about selling raisins? We will answer this question to convince you.

what is bulk golden raisins?

golden raisins are a kind of grape dried but with a difference. To make bulk golden raisins, you must first dry the raisins with chemicals and then go to the sulfur chamber to turn them into golden raisins. If we dry the grapes in the shade and then go to the sulfur chamber, the natural golden raisins will be made. Iranian raisins are made in both ways, but in the US they are made only with the first. If the raisins are dried in the sun and then go to the sulfur chamber they are called organic bulk golden raisins. Of course, organic raisins have certain characteristics.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Golden Raisin Exporters

Golden raisins exporters are different from other raisins. Sunflower and Sultana raisins are common raisins and almost everyone who knows raisins is familiar with these two varieties, but golden raisins are specially made and must be specialized, so exporters of golden raisins are also special and information They are perfect.

golden raisins supplier

golden raisins supplier

Mark Arian Raisin

Arian raisin brand is present in Iran. Arian Mark is well known in the raisin industry. The most important products of this plant are golden raisins but based on market raisins, Sultanas raisin are also produced and packaged. Generally, the export of golden raisins is the main business of this factory.


Iranian arian raisins

  1. Sun raisin is a dried seedless grape in the sun, the color of this brown raisin.
  2. Raisins acidic or green raisin are graps dried in the sun by permitting alkaline solutions. The color of this raisin varies from light yellow to brown to date. This raisin in the world market is also known as Sultana raisin.
  3. Golden raisin is a grape seed that is smoked with sulfur (SO2) and dried in the shade.
supplier raisins

supplier raisins

Terms in raisin industry

  • Live pest is a species of live insect (in every stage of life)
  • Sand and gravel: These are small pieces of rock that can be seen by the naked eye and touched by the hand.
  • Humidity: The amount of free water in raisins
  • Sulfur Anhydride: The amount of sulfur smoke (SO2) that is absorbed by the raisins and can be measured chemically.
  • Infection: Includes raisins, sometimes leaves, trees, dead insects and any other foreign matter that is visible to the naked eye.
  • Pest: Damage caused by insects, mites, wind, hail, fungi and the like that are visible to the naked eye. These effects can be seen in the cavities of insects and mites in raisins.
selling raisins

Selling golden raisins directly company arian

difference bulk golden raisins and packaging

When the grapes are dried, they contain wood, sand and a variety of insects called bulk golden raisins. Bulk raisins, if they enter the box, become local to the multiplication of insects and mites, which eventually destroys the raisins. Packaged raisins do not have these problems and are thoroughly cleaned and free from the crunchy and spoiled raisins.

golden raisin bulk

Wholesale of arian golden raisins

As mentioned above, the sales of golden raisins are high and there are few people in the business.
We see a lot of advertising for selling golden raisins but there are only a few ads that are real and can deliver in large volumes of golden raisins.
Selling golden raisins requires a lot of capital. If there is not enough capital we cannot succeed in exporting golden raisins. External client with only the most difficult thing are:

  • Lying and dishonesty at work
  • Lack of timely delivery of raisins
  • Annoying the customer
iranian raisins suppliers

iranian raisins suppliers

Featuring the best golden raisin

Only strains accepted are standard and are subject to grading having the following characteristics:

  1. Raisins must be free of live pests.
  2. The number of Sand and gravel should not exceed one number in a standard box.
  3. The moisture content should not exceed 16%.
  4. The amount of sulfur anhydride (sulfur smoke) in raisins (green and grape greens) should not exceed 2 per thousand.
  5. The number of infected raisins should not exceed 5%.
  6. The number of pests raisins shall not exceed 3%.
  7. The number of grain raisins shall not exceed one percent.
  8. The number of cauliflower raisins shall not exceed 10%.
  9. The total length of the stems (stems) shall not exceed 10 cm / kg.
  10. Premature raisin should not exceed 2.5%
  11. Crushed raisins should not exceed 5%
  12. Shallow raisins should not exceed 15%

Importance of selling golden raisins

Raisins are one of the foods in which few people are active. There are many factories in this area but they all traditionally do the selling. The position of golden raisins among the market raisins is special. The reason is several factors.

  1. Few people are in the job.
  2. High volume of golden raisin exports compared to other raisins
  3. Good profit selling golden raisins
  4. The words of the golden raisin market
  5. High volume of golden raisin production

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Price of golden raisins in Arian factory

The price of Iranian raisins has always been the cheapest. In addition to being inexpensive, it also has excellent quality. The taste and color of Iran’s golden raisin has no country. You will find out by eating it. Contact Sales Experts for changes in the price of Golden Raisins for World Raisin Day prices.


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raisins 100g price

Wholesale price 100g of seedless raisins

Wholesale price 100g of seedless raisins In the global market based on the type of raisin is different. Package prices of 500g and 1 kg are the same but the wholesale price of 10 kg packages varies. For the sale of raisins packaged, you must buy in bulk grade A. Buy raisins in 100 grams and 500 grams It is done on websites. That’s why you have to buy it in bulk. in this case, we can sell in smaller packages.

seedless raisins price

seedless raisins price

What is the best seedless raisins?

There are raisins in both cases, seedless and seed. if we want use raisins for food you have to use a raisin seedless, but in other words, you have to buy seeded raisins. Best raisins for export belongs to buy seedless raisins, because it has more application.

raisins wholesale price

raisins wholesale price

Raisins 100g price 2019

raisins 100g price 2019 in different countries and sites are different. The raisins 100g price on Amazon site varies with Ali Baba. Sell raisins in Iran in form Packages are 10kg. Wholesale price of raisins In Iran is as follows.

golden raisins grade A 1/8 $ per kg
sun maid raisins grade A 2/2 $ per kg
raisins acidic grade A 1/7 $ per kg

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