sales raisins as a dried fruit grape In Iran, the United States and Turkey are very popular. In this article we have explained the price, raisin production. Raisin is a national product of Iran.


raisins 1 kg price

Check sales price 1 kg golden raisins

Raisins 1 kg price how much is it? What is a Wholesale price golden raisin? What factors In the price of golden raisins Does it affect? sales price 20 tons golden raisins how much is the export?

Raisin that from grapes is produced, it is selling from 1 kg to the top. Grapes are fruit that in any country massively not produced. Only countries, that have water and soil prone to grape cultivation 4 countries. Raisins 1 kg price In countries Different together they are different. Iran, Turkey, USA the most important countries in the world to raisin exports.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Raisins 1 kg price online

Raisins of price To 2 modes are set. Wholesale price of raisins and price of 1 kg of raisins. Sales Raisins in 1 kg packaging, Only in will see raisins online sales, But to buy bulk raisins, should went to raisins factories. The most important raisins site to buy 1 kg of raisins, Ali Baba and Amazon. Buy raisins in 2 sites mentioned allows you to Buy in some form. For information on price of sunny raisins and golden raisins, To these two Visit the site.

golden raisins wholesale

Wholesale price of golden raisins

Wholesale price of golden raisins in different countries are different. Because the quality of golden raisins varies from Turkey and USA, Therefore Wholesale price of golden raisins in Iran more expensive than other countries. The taste and color of Iranian golden raisins are better than those of the United States and Turkey Therefore, Iran’s golden raisins export has the highest value. Wholesale price of golden raisins is diffrente with raisins 1 kg price. Price comparison, should be one by one. Golden Raisins grade A not equals with degree B.

golden raisins good for you

raisins golden grade A 1/95 $ per kg-  1950 $ per tons
raisins golden grade B 1/89 $ per kg- 1890 $ per tons
raisins golden grade C 1/6 $ per kg- 1600 $ per tons

To calculate the price of 20 tons of raisins, multiply the price of 1 ton of raisin in 20. The price is calculated in Iran. Shipping cost to destination country for the price Will be added. Sell the best raisins in the world, due to has a lot of importance, buy raisins in large volume, has a decreasing effect on prices.

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