The best raisins with the most exports is golden raisins and sultans raisins. Raisin consumption is very useful to humans. Pay special attention to Iran and the United States to buy the best raisins.


Top countries worldwide exporting raisin

Top countries worldwide exporting raisin

What are the top raisin exporting countries in the world? Which countries are the best producing of raisins? What is the best known raisin in any export country?

Raisins are good for health. People who want to increase or decrease their weight safely can use raisins. Raisins have a lot of calories that are useful for obesity. On the other hand, with a raisin diet we can lose weight. The eyes, bones, gums, stomach, intestines, brain, and blood can all benefit from the vitamins in raisins.

Raisin exporting countries the world

Raisins are the third nuts product. raisins after almonds and pistachios has the third role. Iran, Turkey and the US are three major exporters of raisins. Each of the countries mentioned is famous for producing one of the buyers raisins must look for exporters in these three countries.

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Iran is a vast country that is more than 2500 years old. Iran is the only country in Asia where different plant species grow. Grapes and its products one of the most important trees is high export value. Grapes were harvested in Iran in late september and its products enter the market a month later.

price of golden raisin

price of golden raisin

Raisins are the most important grape product because they are exported in large quantities. Raisin export is one of the most important export items in Iran. Raisins have different varieties. Iran and Turkey are two countries that have all kinds of raisins because Iran and Turkey are prone to raisins. Some major cities in Iran are major producers of raisins:

  • Malekan
  • Bonab
  • Maragheh
  • kashmere
  • Vineyard
  • Malayer
golden sultana raisins

golden sultana raisins

Best raisin in Iran

As mentioned above, Iran is one of the three largest countries in the world in the production and export of raisins, as they are called raisins. There are varieties of raisins in Iran but 4 types are used for export:

  • Golden Raisins
  • Sultana Raisin
  • Sun raisins
  • green raisin
golden raisin export

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Turkey is a neighbor of Iran, which also has a common border with Europe, so exporting to European countries has been one of their policies in recent years. Turkey has a climate similar to Iran but a little colder. Grapes are one of the main products of this country as it is known as Grapes. Turkey produces 4 million tons of grapes annually, which are used for exporting raisins, wine and fruit juice. Turkey’s best raisins are Sultana raisins, dried with chemicals. More than 80% of Turkey’s raisin exports to sultana’s raisin is dedicated. You can go to Turkey to purchase sultana raisins. Iran, of course, also produces sultana raisins on a mass scale, but Turkey ranks first.

buy golden raisin

buy golden raisin

United States of America raisins

The United States of America has advanced agricultural technology. The United States is the world’s first economy to include agriculture. The United States has been able to take over the world’s agriculture because of the use of cutting-edge technologies and changes in the breed of fruit trees. The raisin exporting countries are not high, but there are many producing countries.

Tajikistan or Afghanistan, for example, are producers of raisins, but Iran, the United States and Turkey are well known for exporting raisins. The state of California is the largest state that produces and exports golden raisins. Golden raisins are the top raisins produced and exported in the state.


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Tesco is one of the world’s largest retailers. It sells a variety of food products like high quality raisins and beautiful packaging. Tesco has 475,000 employees worldwide. Tesco dealers are active in the UK, Thailand, Hungary and Ireland.

Features of the best golden raisins in Iran

Golden raisins are the best raisins in the world. The reason is Iran’s raisin exports to Europe and some rich Arab countries. Iran’s features golden raisins privileged to have the second largest exporter of raisins world. The taste and color of the Iranian golden raisin is, in every respect, the best golden raisin in the world. In addition, California raisin is also the best raisin in the world.

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