The best golden raisins

The best golden raisins for armenia

The best golden raisins for armenia? How many golden raisins does it have? What packets are produced and sent? What raisins are good for Armenia? What is the price of golden raisins for export to Armenia?

What is a raisin?

Raisins is a type of nutritious food with a variety of vitamins. Raisin are made from grapes. When grapes lose their moisture in any way, raisins are made. Grapes can be dried in different ways. We can put the grapes in the shade to separate moisture from it. Another way is to put the grapes in the sun to dry out by the heat of the sun. With this type of raisins, say Raisin Sun  becuse dry in sun and is organics raisins.

Now you can turn raisins into different colors. One of the most important ways is to smoke the raisins. In this case, you will see a golden raisin. Golden raisins are one of the best types of raisins.

What are the best golden raisins?

When the grapes dried in different ways, we can turn it into a golden or yellow color. The raisins are dried with a substance called acid. Then put in the shade for a few days to dry completely. Then, we put the raisins in a special chamber. Sulfur burns up to fill the chamber. After a while, the raisins become yellow, but all the raisins do not turn yellow, but some of them get red.

In this case for raisin sorting begins. This means that healthy raisins should be separated from the spoiled. then, you must scale. The sorting of wood, raisins corrupted by special devices are separated. The best golden raisin should have the characteristics we mentioned.

  • That is one size.
  • Quite yellow
  • Raisin does not spoil.
  • Wood does not have to be felled.

What is the best raisins to Armenia?

Each country is tailor-made to its customers, raisins it needs. Armenia, often buy golden raisins grade 1 and raisins sun. According to world statistics, the most raisins exported to Armenia are golden and sun raisins.

What is the price of golden raisins?

golden raisins grade 1 1/9 $
golden  raisin grade 2 1/7$
golden raisins grade 3 1/58 $

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