golden raisins supplier

type of golden raisins grade A supplier in iran

golden raisins supplier type of grade A in iran with price world are according to the list below. Reputable Manufacturing Companies in Iran with export packages golden Raisin types of generate and Exports. iran is the world’s largest country in the export of golden raisins.Iran to along with usa are the largest and the best  golden raisins supplier.

price of raisins

price of raisins

golden raisins supplier in iran

Iran have huge global factories.which is the ability to supply golden raisins in high tonnage. When you contact Iranian factories are confronted with the fact that we are the best factory in Iran، While a factory alone should not have a big or beautiful appearance. Selling golden raisins is done by many people but we need to know how much customer purchases are. Whether the golden raisins supplier can be the desired volume make timely delivery.

factory name country/city Mobail Production potential
Arian Raisin Factory Iran/Bonab (+98)9123483002 200 tons per week
Entezari Factory Iran/Malekan (+98)9214019271 200 tons per week
Totonchi Factory Iran/Bonab (98+)9124619720 100 tons per week
Asadi raisin factory Iran/Bonab (98+)9354131790 70 tons per week
Raisin Culture Factory Iran/Malekan (98+)9358411808 120 tons per week

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